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Rest In Peace: Tony Papalia

Antonio Papalia
January 23, 1945 – December 25, 2009

Tony, my companion, my friend, my brother. As I write these words I feel the warmth of your love for me. I feel your presence and I hear your voice whispering in my ear telling me to be strong; not to be sad and to never surrender. I hear you telling me that you will always be with me, your loved ones and friends.

I’ve gone back in my memories which are playing on the screens on my mind and I see from our childhood till now. We were always together, living fantastic adventures, sharing our pains, relishing our glories and perusing our dreams. You have been a tower of strength and my source of inspiration, as I hope I have been for you. Our goals and ambitions are noble and just and I solemnly promise that I will carry them on. I won’t let you down, you will always be proud of me as I am of you. Because you are with me, I will continue with double strength and vigor.

Tony, you have always been my hero, the unstoppable superman to whom nothing was impossible. You were a trailblazer who spent a lifetime perusing truth and justice and devoted your life to these beliefs. You remained loyal to your principals and you were truly a free spirit. I’m so grateful for all the courage and inspiration you have given me. You have taught me that love is the power that heals. You accepted the will and love of God and you gave it to everyone and everything.

Tony, you are a passionate soul and you helped everybody that needed help. You loved your family, your friends and had great respect for your fellow colleagues. Thank you for the memories and for all the love you have given me. Tony, you will live on through your children and grandchildren as they carry forward your creative spirit, your visions and ideals. You will live forever in our hearts, we will always be together in our dreams, I will forever love you more than life itself. Tony let me tell you, you can proudly say “I did it my way.” – Robert Papalia
“Growing Up with Tony Papalia”

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