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Win GOLD Contest!

Celebrating the highest price of gold in years! Gold closed at $1178.00 USD November 27, 2009.

Gold is a precious metal that has been valued by people since ancient times. Gold has long been highly prized for fine jewelry and other ornamentation over the centuries. Gold is relatively scarce in the earth and the color of pure gold is metallic yellow. Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment.

The PRIZE of GOLD is from the Lillooet Valley, an area in Western Canada that initiated the country’s first gold rush and very famous for gold mining dating back to the late 1850s.

To be eligible to WIN GOLD CONTEST! correctly answer the questions below pertaining to IN GOLD WE TRUST: The True Story of the Papalia Twins and Their Battle for Truth and Justice.

This is the story of the $288 billion dollar Canadian goldmine where the PRIZE was mined.

1. What is the address of Bear Securities?
2. What is the first name of Robert and Tony’s father?
3. Who said “Vive le Quebec!” “Vive le Quebec libre!”
4. Name the town Robert and Tony were born.
5. On what date were Robert and Tony born?
6. Name the white-haired man in charged of the interrogation.
7. What was put up Tony’s nose during his interrogation? And by whom?
8. Who taught Robert and Tony to play the guitar?
9. Name the principal of St.Pius X High School where Robert and Tony attended.
10. Name the coach of the soccer team that Robert and Tony played with in their High School years?
11. Name the British rock group that was introduced to Robert and Tony by Lord Timothy, an English DJ
12. Name the art movie house which Robert and Tony opened with their brother, Adolfo?
13. Name the record company that Robert and Tony were under contract for their music?
14. Name the scientist who arranged for a complete analysis of the Lillooet sands at Colorado School of Mines Research Institute (CSMRI).
15. Name the man who visited Continental Securities in Vancouver one day in February of 1974, a member of the RCMP?
16. Who was the historic music promoter who acted as Robert and Tony’s music manager?
17. At what age did Robert and Tony first visit Port Douglas?
18. For what amount of money were Robert and Tony accused as reported by the Guardian newspaper to commit fraud?
19. Who originally started the Lillooet Project?
20. Name the courthouse in London where Robert and Tony’s trial was held?
21. Name the prosecutor of Robert and Tony in London.
22. Name Robert’s Queen Counsel at the trial?

Submit Contact Information including Fullname, Email Address and Telephone with your ANSWERS to contest@ingoldwetrust.info by January 31, 2010

Full correct answers will be eligible for WIN GOLD CONTEST!

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